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Apr 22, 2014

Today IPL 7 feed key on is 20.

Hi dear friends, 

Here is the feed key on Intelsat 20 @68.5 E. 

TP: 3933 H 14400 

KEY: AB DC AB 32 DA 94 83 F1.

Power of God - New tamil channel on Intelsat 17.

Good news to Tamil viewers,

Power of God - A new Christianity Tamil channel.

This channel coming on the slot of Page 3 on Intelsat 17 @ 66 E.

This frequency has the low signal quality on this sat.

In 6 feet, it is very difficult to catch this freq.

TP- 3876 H 14300

Apr 21, 2014

CSN New working biss key on Apstar 7.

Good news to cricket viewers,

Past 2 days before CSN channel changed their new key for IPL 7.

Now this channel's biss key on gunasat.

This channel coming on Apstar 7 @ 76 E.

TP- 4048 V 2450.

Biss key:  9E 5A C4 BC B3 3D E6 D6.

IPL 7, 2014 live HD feed Biss key on Intelsat 20.

Great news to cricket viewers,

We are already know IPL 7 now playing in UAE.

An HD feed for African viewers(Super Sports) coming on Intelsat 20 @ 68.5 E.

This channel coming with Biss encryption.

This channel hasn't have any logo; and also Adless channel.

This feed also coming on Asiasat 5 too with same freq. and biss key.

TP- 3933 H 14400,

Today's Biss key: DB BA AB 40 CA 54 65 83

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Dharisana TV - New Tamil channel on Intelsat 17.

Good news to all,

We are already know Dharisana channel early coming on this sat.

Now this channel coming on Thanthi tv frequency.

Now this channel telecasting super hit Tamil songs.

In this channel, "Interactive TV" watermark was coming.

TP- 3966 H 14400

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