Nov 27, 2014

Raj Network channels FTA on Asiasat 5 @ 100.5 E.

Good news to Tamil viewers,

We know Raj Network channels will be shifted to Supremesat - I @ 87.5 E from 1st December 2014.

Because of this reason, Raj Network channels are now FTA from 
Asiasat 5 @ 100.5 E

TP- 3645 H 20640

Raj Network shifted to Supreme Sat- I (Chinasat-12) @ 87.5 E

Hi dear visitors,

Raj TV Network - One of television network in South India.

We know this network channels coming on Asiasat 5 @ 100.5 E.

Now they are changed their satellite parameters to SupremeSat-I(Chinasat-12) @ 87.5 E.

Now only Raj TV only coming on this new sat.

Now these channels available on 2 satellites.

From 1st December this network channels only on this new sat(Supreme Sat-I).

TP- 4140 V 28800.

Nov 25, 2014

Tatasky testing "ID" Channel.

Good news to Tatasky viewers,

ID(Investigation Discovery) - A New documentary channel ,

This channel testing on Tatasky  DTH.

TP-11050 H 31000.

Sun Life added on Airtel DTH.

Good news to airtel viewers,

Sun Life - A sun group channel for old songs,

This channel added on Airtel DTH.

It is added on the slot of 487.

Nov 24, 2014

Orange tv started on Intelsat 17.

Good news to all,

Orange tv - A new Hindi Music channel.

This channel started on Intelsat 17 @ 66 E.

It is coming on the slot of Dharsana TV.

TP-3894 H 13840.

This channel also coming on Insat 4A @ 83 E.

Nov 20, 2014

Interactive TV(I TV) left now from Intelsat 17 @ 66 E.

Sad news to Tamil viewers,

Interactive TV - A newly launched lifestyle channel,

This channel left now from Intelsat 17 @ 66 E.

It showing blank screen from 3 days before.

This channel will resume this slot very soon.

Previous TP is 3966 H 14400.

News Plus left from Intelsat 17.

Hi dear friends,

News Plus - A Tamil channel.

Pratham TV was came on this channel's slot on Intelsat 17 @ 66 E.

Now this channel left from this sat.

Previous TP- 3966 H 14400.

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